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Your privacy is important ‒ this is why all content is hosted on my server and no external resources are used. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


This website uses Matomo, a free and open source analytics platform, to gather anonymized information about its visitors. Rest assured taht your data is handled sensibly and respectfully:

  • no data is collected unless you explicitly permit it (and you may always opt-out at any time)
  • your data never leaves this server and it will never be made available to a third party in any way
  • the Do Not Track setting of your browser is honored
  • your IP address is anonymized before it is stored in the database


If you have sent me a message and wish them to be deleted, just let me know. Please note that I can not delete any tracking data gathered because it is only stored anonymized and can not be linked back to any specific visitor.